Hi all of you, foreigner friends Have you ever heard of Vietnam? I believe most of you have. But, what kind of country have you heard of Vietnam? A country engaging almost its time in war? A certain land below China? Or somewhere far away from the world you know and you have not thing to do with it. But Vietnam is not simple like that. And in this article let me tell you some interesting facts on our land. So, if you’re planning to “flee somewhere from the Covid-19” this summer, Vietnam will be the best destination for you. Besides, in case you’re a Catholic, like us, Vietnam is absolutely a have-to-go place. Let’s start.

For history – do you know that Vietnam have a life of 4000-years-old?

Vietnam can be classified as one of the oldest countries on earth. When the Pharaohs was being eager to build their pyramids; when Greek philosophers was devoting themselves in thinking of life meaning; We build our first kingdom named Van Lang under the rule of the kings called collectively Hung King, or Great King. Unfortunately, as a fact that a big fish will try to swallow the small ones, the great country in the north invaded our land from the beginning of our era, and set their domination for almost 1000 years following.

Hung King statue But, unlike many races who had been swept away out of the world after such a long time of being dominated, we survived by keeping our spirit and fighting against the invading. Somewhere in the 10th century, we reclaimed our freedom and rebuild our country. From that point, through many dynasties alternatively taking the throne, we’ve successfully keep our sovereignty until now even if before huge invading forces such as Mongolia, China , French, American who times to times wanted to destroy our spirit and eat our land. And now we have a peaceful Vietnam to introduce to you.

For geography – do you know that Vietnam is geographically divided into three regions with their own specialities

It is the case of our country. Look at the below map you will see that Vietnam have a shape of ‘S’ letter with three separate regions: the North, the Middle Land, and the South. Each have special culture, special voice, and special lifestyle. But remember that we are single in difference, and different in singleness. Such a fact makes our strength and our beauty.

To the north laid the capital of Hanoi, heart of the country, where I assure that you will find yourself as being home because the people here is very very friendly. From Hanoi you can easily take a trip to visit an endless list of wonderful landscapes and heritage places of the neighbouring provinces.

Hoan Kiem lake (Sword Returning lake) - a famous place in Hanoi city Leaving Hanoi, by a quick flight just about 2 hours you will arrive the center of the Middle Land, Hue city, our ancient capital, our historical soul. I guess the first thing surprise you here is the voice of the middle-land people which sounds strong differently from that of the north. So, don’t worry, even we ourselves the north people also get confused when communicating with the middle-land ones. It is one interesting cultural point of us. And if you are a Vietnamese, you will feel a sweetness and a “poem” melody in the voice and the language of the middle-land people, particularly in Hue city. The list of must-see places will even more longer here. From Hue you can visit other famous cities around, especially Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, a sea city.

_The old royal palace in Hue city, our former capital

So, after feeding your eyes with wonderful things in the Middle-Land, take another 2-hour flight southward, to Hochiminh City, or Saigon. Here you will see yourself standing in “another Vietnam world”. But here can be the most interesting region for you. Why? It’s simple that the South is extreme attractive with its landscape and people. From Saigon city you will depart for Dalat, a famous mountainous city with fresh and cool air all year. I bet that you will love Dalat at the very first sight because of its nature and atmosphere.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon - the most famous place in Saigon Another option, or additional one if you choose both, from Saigon you can continue to go southward to reach a special land of our country called “The West”, or “the region of rivers and rice fields” which consists of many provinces. As showed by the name, this land is covered by many many rivers and streams, small and big, long and short, by which we even have a river traffic system. This is also “the resource of rice for the country” because almost the area is for rice cultivation. I believe that in here you will have a special experience no place in the world can make.

What you can see in 'the West' So, here you’ve just finished a short trip across the ‘S’-shaped land of Vietnam. In the next article we will introduce to you some popular destinations in our country. And Catholic friends, don’t leave us, we will soon talk about our church and our faith life to you. And of course we have so many interesting information ahead which we believe make you crazy.